The Thrill of the Hunt for Discount Prices, New York Times


The Mozart Academy, WNYC

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speakerInsects, Cheese and Gastronauts of the World, The World, BBC, PRI, WGBH
There are picky eaters and then there are the Gastronauts of the world.
Why is it that certain cultures eat certain things, when others are grossed
out? Which parts of our taste buds are nature and which are nurture?

magnifying glass

speakerNJ Police Complaint System Broken, WNYC
A New Jersey Public Radio investigation has found that the citizen
complaint process at local police departments is riddled with problems,
including retaliation and a lack of oversight from the state.

The Five Percent Rule, APM's Marketplace, NPR, BBC
Smoking and chewing tobacco use in the armed forces is widespread.
Yet many military bases break the rules and sell tobacco at big discounts.

speaker The Five Percent Rule on Howsound: the Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling

Brownstone building
speakerStorm hits both rich and poor, APM's Marketplace, NPR
A natural disaster like Sandy can be devastating whether you're wealthy
just getting by. But the rich could have an easier, faster recovery.

speakerMaking Memories with a Microchip, Studio 360
Science is trying to create a device to help our memories. But do want to tinker
with that part of our brain?

speakerKeep Your Eye On The Ball, Studio 360
In three-card monte, con artists use swift
hand moves and constant patter to convince a sucker there's a
way to win. A magician, a theater professor, and a real-life grifter
each describe how the monte isn’t just a crime; it’s street theater
designed to keep its losers entertained. Produced by Sally Herships.

speakerWatches thrive even in the smartphone age, APM's Marketplace, NPR
What time is it? Time for a story on watches. From a trend perspective -- we have
moved away from the neck and are now in a big wrist cycle.

speakerCGI in ads grows more popular, APM's Marketplace, NPR
There are no stretch marks in CGI.


Ray Scarpa processing Deer
speakerNew Degree Creates Doctor Nurses — And Confusion, All Things Considered, NPR
No one wants to badmouth Florence Nightingale, but a new degree for
nurses is causing bad blood between doctors and their longtime colleagues.
The program confers the title of doctor on nurses, but some in the medical
profession say only physicians should call themselves "doctor."

speaker Overcoming Cultural Barriers To Jobs, All Things Considered, NPR
The foreign-born population in the U.S.
is now at an all time high — more than 10 percent. And while recession-time
jobs are hard to come by for Americans, for residents of the States born
overseas, finding work here can be even tougher. Workers from China and
Afghanistan say learning American small talk can make all the difference.


speakerWeb pounces on Romney 'binders full of women' comment, APM's Marketplace, NPR
It took just a few minutes for social media pages built around Mitt Romney's
debate comment about having "binders full of women" to materialize. But
how do you monetize a meme?

grocery store aisle
speakerShopping in the man cave, APM's Marketplace, NPR
Beer, protein bars and beef jerky: shopping the "man aisle" at the grocery store.

cell phone caught in mouse trap
speakerA slow media movement, APM's Marketplace, NPR
Have Facebook friend requests, cell-phone messages,
incessant emails and texts made it impossible to disconnect?
Feel overwhelmed? Sally Herships reports on one solution.

earInterviews with voters on Super Tuesday
Click on the link for South Orange, NJ on the map to listen in

Concrete Cricket
Ear Concrete Crickets, Day to Day, NPR
Urban artwork that you can hear. New York City
artist Michael Dory hides small sound devices that make cricket-
like sounds in containers around the city.

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Menu of Music, APM's Marketplace Money, NPR